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Peter Waples-Crowe, Dingo Spirit. First Edition. Image: Sarah Weston
Craft Projects

Peter Waples-Crowe x Craft

Dingo spirit is the outcome of a collaborative project for Craft Victoria that linked Koorie artists with different crafts peoples. Artist Peter Waples-Crowe collaborated with ceramists Katie Jacobs and Ingrid Tufts to bring his original concept to its fruition.

'Dingo spirit is inspired by my love of the dingo, an animal I look towards for spiritual guidance and which is very misunderstood. I have always been drawn to all wild dogs as they are symbols of freedom, loyalty, companionship and strong (packs) communities. They also represent a connection to the afterlife in many cultures. Dingo Spirit carries a Koorie shield design on its back to represent protection. Dingo spirit is an offering to the ancestors and a reflection of our contemporary culture. I hope you enjoy its blessings.' 
-Peter Waples-Crowe (Ngarigo)

Peter Waples-Crowe an awarding winning artist who’s visual and performance practices play in the intersection of identity, race and culture. Influenced by my Ngarigo heritage, my practice explores the areas of dislocation, globalisation, popular culture, spirituality, sub-cultures and Indigeneity. Using various techniques including cut and paste appropriations, and mixed media applications my practice attempts to locate and map a sense of belonging and position in contemporary Australia. My practice also explores the
cultural constraints and perceived rigid categories of being a ‘native’ artist and seeks to
expand this constrained identity, away from the ignorance of Australia’s brutal and problematic
past. This shifting role enables my practice to explore in-between territories and expand
alternative spaces and realms for Indigenous and other people to inhabit and occupy.