Jessie French, Ella Reweti, Georgina Proud, Danielle Thiris and Caro Pattle. Photographer: Henry Tremble

Craft welcomes five new Victorian makers!

This year, Craft is excited to welcome five new Victorian contemporary women makers to the Maker Showcase.

Featuring their unique styles and techniques of craft making, each maker demonstrates excellence in fabrication techniques, strong craft-based skills, originality and promising commercial appeal.

For the past decades, Craft has onboarded over 1000+ emerging and established makers across Australia – including First Peoples makers, and those working in areas of sustainability and use of innovative materials. Through Craft’s flagship Maker Showcase platform, this year’s specially curated collection champions five talented Melbourne makers to celebrate the continued creativity and resilience of Victoria’s creative community amid the ongoing challenges. Their stories connect with us, and their artisan spirit continues to shine through during difficult times.

The collection features an exciting range of one-of-a-kind handmade products, each piece is uniquely made by these local artists, including beautiful eco-friendly tableware vessels made with algae-based bioplastic by Jessie French; experimental ceramic vessels from ceramists Danielle Thiris, Ella Reweti and Georgina Proud; and handwoven vases and vessels by contemporary textile maker Caro Pattle.

Craft invites all Victorians to actively explore their own backyard through the lens of our local makers, discover the incredible talent this creative state has to offer, and support the recovery of Victoria’s creator economy.

The collection will be available from mid-November at Craft’s online store -

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