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Your Visual Identity

In this two part series, maker and teacher Ella Bendrups explores how you can discover and develop your visual identity. A Naarm/Melbourne based emerging ceramic artist who creates innate forms refined for a modern context. Ella’s practice explores ancient clay and stone artefacts and their ability to transcend the times and cultures in which they were created. She embraces the expressive nature of hand building, pinching, coiling and carving clay to highlight the maker’s touch. With a background in styling supported by studies in Communication Design and Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT University, Ella began social ceramics classes in late 2015 before progressing to a self-led explorative practice. She has participated in exhibitions in Victoria and New South Wales since 2018. In 2021 she completed a residency at Northcote Pottery Supplies and will be a Maker in Residence as part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Contemporary Program.

Part One: Discovering your Visual Identity

- examine examples of distinctive creative identities on Instagram and distill each into a few key words or phrases 

- prompt participants to try to do the same for their own public creative identity

- discuss how this will be valuable as something to check back in with as they establish and grow their visual identity

Part Two: Highlighting the Design Process

- an exploration of what the visual representation of process could look like and how to capture it (eg sketches, models)

- showcasing stages of construction that would not be apparent in the finished pieces on sight alone to educate audience and increase perception of value in finished work (eg coiling in handbuilding)

Part Three: Communicating Story through Design Elements 

- examine the role of background/setting in the presentation on finished pieces 

- discuss the role of colour, pattern and texture in communicating mood/story  

Ella Bendrups’ design experience encompasses seven years as a ceramic artist (with a following of 32k+ on Instagram), five years working within the styling industry and formal studies in Communication Design and Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT University.

Since 2019 she has also led design based short courses at RMIT University and taught handbuilding courses and workshops for a variety of age and skill levels. She strives to create an inclusive and encouraging educational environment.



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