For her Makers in Residence, Vanessa Lucas will use a series of moulds to cast a variety of pots. She will then cut and join these forms to create larger composite forms that will be treated with areas of applied texture. Her aim is to gather together a group of varied forms that can be arranged to sit together harmoniously.

Vanessa Lucas strives always to design and make objects that are a source of beauty in everyday life while providing pleasure through functional excellence. Using slip-casting techniques, she produces porcelain tableware that is designed with assiduous refinement where the form and function of each object work harmoniously together. Careful formulation of satin glazes achieve a restrained shell-like sheen that allows the vessels to emanate an intrinsic luminescence. Both the surfaces and forms of her vessels bear reference to elements of the landscape that have been worn smooth by the action of wind and water over time.

Vanessa is an award-winning ceramicist and has exhibited widely in Australia and Japan. Her work is held in numerous public and private collections.

vanessa_lucas_gigantea_liliana_and_nerita_porcelain_2021 (1).jpg
Vanessa Lucas, Gigantea, Liliana and Nerita, 2021, porcelain. Photographer: Jacqui Henshaw
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