Modern Times, known for their unwavering support of contemporary local design, is proud to announce their upcoming event for Melbourne’s Craft Contemporary festival.

The exhibition, Narrative Goods, puts the focus on 5 of Melbourne’s up-and-coming contemporary furniture designers – Nicole Lawrence, Ash Fischer (FISCH), Dean Norton, Zachary Frankel and Brigitte Owers-Buccianti (Real Non-Real). Featuring new pieces from each designer, Narrative Goods explores the possibility of functional design to inspire delight, provoke conversation and embody story. 

Each designer has created work that brings craft together with a conceptual expression of ideas. The Containa series by Dean Norton invokes the mystery of the vessel and its contents, with his table-within-a-table utilising turned wood and frosted glass. Nicole Lawrence’s new minimal coffee table in powder-coated sheet metal with interchangeable tiles is a playful invitation to explore colour combinations inspired by iconic architecture and 20th century design.  Zachary Frankel subverts the engineered recycled plastic ubiquitous in public furniture, to produce a series of tables with a contemporary design sensibility for a domestic setting.

Narrative Goods is a colourful and playful exhibition, yet minimal. Without intention, there is a cohesive use of block colour, right angles and subtle material combinations, whilst each individual designer also clearly asserts their own style and interpretation of the brief. These works are designed as production pieces intended for daily use, daily appreciation and daily delight.

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Craft Contemporary

A festival exploring how craft is evolving in the 21st century
1 - 31 October 2021