Throughout September and October the Craft Poster Walk will transform unexpected, urban spaces of our city with the work of seven contemporary artists. Spanning over 25 inner Melbourne locations, the Craft Poster Walk is an opportunity to experience bold, contemporary pieces by some of the best and latest in craft and design outside of the gallery context. Stumble across ceramic, glass or fibre pieces, scan their QR code and discover more about each artist, their practice and the festival.

Spot the work of Csongvay Blackwood, Jessica Murtagh, Yoko Ozawa, Daisy Watt + Sam Seary, Katherine Hubble and Iluka Sax-Williams in a street near you. Photography and art direction by Henry Trumble.

See some posters in your area? Share an image on Instagram using the tags @craftvictoria #craftcontemporary2021 and #craftvictoria.

Photographer: Henry Trumble

Csongvay Blackwood, R2.5 2021 hand-built ceramic stoneware. Photographer: Henry Trumble
Jessica Murtagh, Modern Relic 2021, glass. Photographer: Henry Trumble
Yoko Ozawa, 枯らし Kogarashi- The first cold windblew in 2021, stoneware, porcelain and glaze. Photographer: Henry Trumble
Daisy Watt & Sam Seary, Holding Light 2019, glass, copper foil, copper wire, silk, cotton and rayon. Photographer: Henry Trumble
Katherine Hubble, Juvenile Byssus 2019, polypropylene, tint, silver, fresh water pearls. Photographer: Henry Trumble
Iluka Sax-Williams, The Wiinj Element 2021, pokerwork on possum skin, ochre. Photographer: Henry Trumble
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Craft Contemporary

A festival exploring how craft is evolving in the 21st century
1 - 31 October 2021