Stitching Change is an exhibition highlighting the abundance and quality of local textile artists in Victoria. The exhibition showcases the progressive art form of textiles and its position within the broader visual arts sector.

Stitching Change takes shifts and changes as its theme, in particular, it is centred on the way in which practices have transformed during the COVID-19 pandemic. These shifts may be around changing attitudes, the introduction of new materials and techniques, along with the impact of innovative ideas and evolving technologies. The exhibition highlights and explores the emotive properties of textiles to generate, communicate and preserve memories along with creating discourse for the future, centring on the value of textiles in our lives and their role in recollecting past events, telling stories and recording experiences.

The exhibition will first be presented online from 12 October 2021 with an opening celebration on Zoom from 5-7pm.

The physical exhibition has been rescheduled for 8 - 19 February 20-22 at FortyFiveDownstairs, Melbourne

Naarm Textile Collective is an artist-led organisation seeking to incorporate and challenge the practice of textile art. The collective is dedicated to promoting and supporting artists using textiles in their practice, and encourages creative experimentation. Stitching Change will be held at FortyFive Downstairs on Flinders Lane - a location that has a rich history for textile production, design and innovation. The exhibition aims to update the Flinders Lane story with the inclusion of Contemporary Textile Art.

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Craft Contemporary

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1 - 31 October 2021