Repetition in craft work is a process of problem-solving and problem-finding, driven by the rhythmic and circular process of material investigation. This is true of textile weaving, not only on the scale of each piece that is made but also with each warp and weft yarn that is woven. Repeating the same action for hours on end leads to a deep understanding of the materials in hand.

'Bags' being the chosen form for this work is a direct response to the space that Craft provides, and also an extension of Renata's investigation into this handwoven material and its mouldable, dynamic, and curious nature. The guiding intention of this textile is the idea of knowledge transference; that being, the understanding gained on Renata's part as mentioned above, to the user or wearer through their own tactile play, inspection, and curiosity.

Aidan Renata is a Melbourne based textile designer specialising in handcrafted textiles that are punchy and lyrical, while simultaneously finding new ways to honour the process and materials involved. Initially trained in fashion design, Renata’s love of textiles stems from the observation that textiles have a dynamic and intimate role in all of our lives and the work produced is an iterative look into this relationship.

Handwoven and hand-knitted textiles are the focus of Renata’s works as these techniques offer a chance to be completely immersed in what is being created. His work has been stocked locally and internationally in fashion and homeware retailers, while also offering custom made pieces too.