Join us for an unconventional fashion, photography & lookbook creation workshop with artist Gian Manik!

Gian is a painter who frequently collaborates with fashion labels such as Melbourne/Naarm based practices VERNER. Gian will guide students through unconventional garment creation, experimental styling, modelling, fashion photography & lookbook creation.

Gian Manik's approach to painting is informed by an irreverence for genre and resistance to stylistic categorisation. Driven by a compulsion to paint, Manik's artworks move dexterously between the polarities of figuration and abstraction, often sprawling into the modalities of fashion and music. Within Manik's layered surfaces, references from the fabric of his daily life and familial history converge with gestural passages to form a chaotic palimpsest of representation and memory. Nostalgic, melancholic and facetious, Manik's paintings vibrate with emotional and compositional intensity.

Image courtesy of VERNER and Gian Manik