My Crafts Reader revives the literary practice of reading aloud to creative and manual laborers by offering improvised readings in response to three studio craft practitioners: jeweller Manon van Kouswijk; textile artist Ema Shin; and ceramicist Jane Sawyer; with a fourth public reading offered as an open access in-person event. [Refer to booking information below]

Resourced with a compelling library of craft and other related texts artist/narrator Roseanne Bartley approaches the studio readings in the extrasensory manner of clairvoyance, whereby the selection of reading material and recitation of extracts emerges in correspondence with the actions and effects of the guest maker immersed within their process.

This lively composting of actions, materials, ideas, authors and literary styles bypasses the authoritative linear narrative and side-steps the expectation of an object-based outcome in favour of weaving more nuanced collegial storylines that situate the agency and affect of craft within an expanded milieu of human and more-than-human relations.

If you like to stitch, chisel, coil, knit, sketch, thread, or weave etc. and are content to intuitively follow in this process without concern for an outcome we would love to have you listen in and make along with the meditative experience of the three studio readings via Zoom and invite you to register via Eventbrite for the in-person group reading.

Please note the in-person group bookings are limited and in this iteration of the project we are unable to offer an Auslan service.

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