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Emma Shepherd Sundance Studio

Emma Shepherd is a weaver based on the Mornington Peninsula, who graduated with a BA in Textile Design from RMIT in 2018. She travelled in 2019 to intern with Esther Van Schuylenbergh (Belgium) and Rachel Snack (USA), as well as undertook a month long art residency in Iceland.

Emma started her label, Sundance Studio (named after the family’s beloved horse), in 2020. Emma’s work crosses the boundaries between art and craft, decorative and functional. The slowness that comes from handling each thread, winding it, threading it, knotting it, means that each piece is imbued with connection and care.

Her work celebrates natural materials, carefully sourced, and pays homage to traditional techniques and patterns.

The slowness of weave, it’s rich and varied history, the repetitive motion and the celebration of natural fibres inspire me everyday at the loom.

/ Emma Shepherd