Debra Billson and Susannah Low are award-winning book designers who met whilst working at a major Publishing house in Melbourne. They have both recently returned to study to explore their mutual appreciation of tactile art mediums. Their respective art practices investigate fibres and memorabilia, combined with an enduring appreciation of the book form.

In Fibres, Books and Bundles, Debra moves away from her daily work-life of digital design and explores grids in a 3-dimensional form. By salvaging discarded books, she strives to imbue them with a new and interesting life, which includes sculpting, cutting, drilling, nailing and threading. As an emerging artist, Debra’s interests lie in paper art combined with thread and re-imagining skills of old.

Susannah Low is a collector of tiny treasures with a passion for social history. She is fascinated by the things people keep and the connected stories she uncovers - windows into lost worlds. Combining found elements and ephemera, her work explores themes of nostalgia, belonging, identity and place; challenging the notions of worth and beauty, questioning what is precious. During the pandemic Susannah has endeavoured to visually represent her experience of isolation and ‘lockdown’ in the form of experimental cocoons, assembled from various yarns, fibres and found elements. Creating her own precious objects to treasure.

In Fibres, Books and Bundles the cocoons represent reconnecting with the natural environment, and symbolically reflect the overwhelming feeling of being safe at home during what has felt like a period of transformation.


Craft Contemporary

A festival exploring how craft is evolving in the 21st century
1 - 31 October 2021