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Bonhula Yunupingu & Damien Wright Bala ga lili (Two ways Learning)

Bala ga lili (Two ways Learning) is an ongoing, circular cross cultural collaboration between Bonhula Yunupingu, a Yolngu man of North East Arhnem Land, and Damien Wright of Naarm/Melbourne. Yunupingu and Wright first met in 2010 when Wright was invited by Gumatj elder Galarrwuy Yunupigu to establish a furniture craft studio in his homeland community of Gunyangara.

Today, Yunupingu and Wright work together to find a sculptural and poetic language. They tell a disruptive narrative: theirs is a disruptive relationship. What should look like a contradiction is a promise. What should keep one apart, draws us together. Wright and Yunupingu are represented by Gallery Sally Dan Cuthbert