Dale Hardiman Dowel Jones

Melbourne based designer Dale Hardiman is the co-founder of furniture and object brand Dowel Jones and collaborative project Friends & Associates.

Hardiman explores the social, ecological and political life of materials and the systems through which they are made and supplied. His projects often interrogate the notion of place and how designed goods and systems are ultimately informed by people and communities exercising values behaviours and attitudes towards resources and supply chains.

In 2021, Hardiman was named 1 of the 100 worldwide game changers in design by Architectural Digest Italy.

Hardiman works across various fields including furniture, lighting and accessory design, event and exhibition design, facilication, art direction and branding, along with being regularly invited as a speaker.

See Dale's work within "Unearthed" at Craft Victoria 1st - 31st October 2022.

Over the past ten years, I've dedicated much of my practice to the examination and reuse of materials that document current consumer behaviours and attitudes towards resources and supply chains. Working with fragments taken from the Metro Tunnel project has been a historical interrogation of place, a look back into the history of behaviours from a different time with entirely different industrial influences on materials and values.'

/ Dale Hardiman