Dean Toepfer

A furniture and lighting designer, Dean is committed to producing quality, functional and honest designs with an emphasis on detail and originality. His interests lay in the exploration of material, shape, and form, seeing how each one can interact and coincide. Dean has developed his practice into a multi-faceted design studio driven by the interrelationship between material, tool, and process. with a studio based out of mixed goods in Adelaide, his projects range from furniture and lighting to object and exhibition design.

By/Product 2022 series

To create without waste can be difficult as a product designer, the materials we order are generally oversized which leads to producing offcuts or there are surplus materials at the end of a project.

As designers, we need to be conscious about the waste we produce - how can this be limited, what interventions can be made or what can be redesigned to minimise waste developed through production. Looking into lighting and electronic suppliers I will be developing a lighting product using what would generally be discarded when components and/or offcuts are no longer fit for use or sale.

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