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Ella Saddington Cordon Salon

Ella Saddington is a multidisciplinary designer and curator based in Naarm (Melbourne). In 2018 she founded Cordon Salon, a studio that uses research, collaboration and experimentation as a method to speculate on alternative approaches to contemporary craft and design. Working across furniture and object design, Saddington often focuses on overlooked, forgotten or ubiquitous processes and materials, in which re-imagined are shown again in a different light. 

Saddington has developed work for local and international clientele and exhibited widely across Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne Design Fair, Sydney Design Week & Craft Contemporary. Exhibited at Sophie Gannon Gallery, Oigall Projects and Craft Victoria. In 2022 Saddington was awarded the George Alexander Fellowship by the International Specialised Skills Institute.  Her work is currently on display at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia as part of the History-making exhibition Melbourne Now.

I believe it is our duty as craftspeople and designers to reevaluate and re-approach our work in ways that promote sustainability within our craft. Innovation does not exclusively follow a linear path. Sometimes we need to go back to old or outdated ways of working in order to forge a new path of innovation.

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Talking material practice with Ella Saddington