Iluka Sax-Williams

Iluka Sax-Williams is a proud Tibrean (Torres Strait) and Taungurung artist. His broad artistic practice involves acts of cultural reclamation, pyrography, traditional dance, fashion and modelling. Sax-Williams’ love for sharing his culture was born from spending his childhood accompanying his mother to teach Koorie education in Early Childhood settings.

Living in a city filled with other dynamic and visionary artists of colour, Sax-Williams sees the power of collaborating and what can be achieved together. Sax-Williams is dedicated to enhancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation throughout the creative industries and revitalisation of Aboriginal culture in Victoria.

See Iluka's work within "Unearthed" at Craft Victoria 1st - 31st October 2022.

The divine element of Wiinj or Fire is symbolic universally both in the physical realm and the spiritual. It is a source of energy that requires careful moderation and control as it consumes both passionately and powerfully but not without giving back light and warmth. The strength of our emotions and energy originates from our internal Wiinj and allows us to realise our dreams, passion and beliefs. When Winj is used wisely, it becomes a conqueror because it has no fear, doubt, Boerders, nor does it not succumb to any obstacle, and consumes all in its path. By incorporating the other elementals, we are able to creatively understand, both the physical, spiritual connection and cycle that all of the elements generate. When Wood is burnt it produces Fire, and after a while the ashes will enrich the Earth, then from Earth, Metals are extracted, and when melted it resembles Water, and with it tools are made that can be used to cut more Wood to make more Fire.

/ Iluka Sax-Williams

Craft Contemporary / Poster Walk