Nae Tanakorn

Nae Tanakorn is a passionate designer, creating exciting art forms that resonate with his emotions. “Throughout my journey, I have learned to harness my feelings into my creativity, allowing me to feel connected to my pieces. There is no defined pattern or a certain measurement when I conceptualize my creations, but only when it feels right to me. I also have a clear focus on ergonomics and sustainability whilst creating a harmony between a piece that evokes feeling and is environmentally considered. I started my career as a multimedia designer, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia. I fell in love with digital art and interactive design. I continued to study 3D animation where I learned techniques to digitally create my design on a 3D platform. In 2008 I secured the first job a long-standing career in 3D visualization, working for architectural and interior projects where I was responsible for bringing other people’s designs to life. The transition from the 3D visualisation industry to furniture design felt like an organic process to me. I was able to use my skills with various software packages to design, sculpt and create pieces and works that were coming from within. The digital tools I spent many hours using to complete work for other people, now became my canvas, my clay, and my artistic outlet giving me the freedom to create and design from the heart and for myself. This continued to grow and my desire to expand my skills and knowledge of the industry, its history, and the techniques of designing, constructing, and building furniture led me to study furniture design at RMIT.”

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Fresh! 2022