Sim Luttin

Sim Luttin is a Melbourne-based contemporary artist passionate about creating unique and meaningful pieces that reveal our connection to nature. Her work is inspired by her travels around the world and more than two decades of experience as a jewellery maker, craftsperson, and arts professional. Sim believes in pushing the boundaries of art and delving into year-long projects that explore the everyday and create thought-provoking conceptual bodies of work. She is proudly represented by Charon Kransen Arts in New York.

Sim is also a highly experienced and passionate curator. She has been curating for over 15 years and has worked with a variety of organisations, galleries, and spaces around Australia, UK and the USA. Sim is committed to connecting artists, particularly those who are marginalised, to the broader public and the arts sector. She has collaborated with many leading artists, craftspeople, and curators, and her exhibitions have been conceptually and visually engaging. Sim brings her creative vision and enthusiasm to every project she takes on.