Tantri Mustika Tantri Mustika Ceramics

Tantri Mustika is a Melbourne-based ceramicist who makes unique and colourful ceramics. Her current collections of work incorporate the use of meticulously hand-stained and marbled clays that mimic characteristics of natural stones. This technique combined with age-old hand-building methods and unexpected use of colour comes together to create a collection of sophisticated, yet exciting forms that can be used and admired in everyday life.

Tantri is currently creating works in small batches, each and every piece finishes with no pair identical and is unique in patterning and colour due to the techniques and processes used.

I've loved sorting through these fragments. From the glass to the intricate shards of ceramic from across different eras. My process has been to go through everything, and sort it carefully. There are so many incredible pieces in order to create my work. I need to select carefully to create a mosaic within the objects I make.

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