Jessie French in her studio. Image: James Westland.

Jessie French

Jessie French is an artist and experimental designer based in naarm/Melbourne. Jessie is a leader and innovator in experimentation with new materials; her practice explores the possibilities of a world without petrochemicals – in particular, plastics. Alongside her artistic practice, Jessie founded Other Matter in 2020, an experimental design studio working with algae-based bioplastics.

“If you want to have new materials, you have to build them from the ground up. It doesn't come from nowhere and it certainly doesn't come for free."

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The applications and possibilities for Jessie’s new materials are endless, and Craft has been proud to support Jessie and offer a platform to experiment, as she forges a new direction in contemporary craft and design.

"Craft fills a really unique gap in the ecosystem of practice, and there is a lot of support for people who are just starting out in their practice. And I had a lot of support from Craft at that stage in my practice as well."

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Video created by James Westland, supported by Hotglue.