The romantic concept of the sublime evokes the awe-inspiring effect of erupting volcanoes, raging waterfalls and towering mountain ranges. Majestic and overwhelming, the experience of the sublime occurs when the earth’s untamed elemental forces confront our sense of mortality. These forces which shaped the earth can also be experienced on a more intimate scale, harnessed as creative tools by artists who reproduce their effects through surfaces and forms.

The Space of Emptiness presents the work of Owen Rye, Lindy McSwan and Yoko Ozawa who each offer opportunities for quiet reflection on the sublime forces of nature. Through their work each artist vividly expresses a sense of the ancient processes of creation as well as the erosion and decay which inevitably follows. Presenting collections of vessels from each artist, The Space of Emptiness invites consideration of these phenomena, but also the potent space of emptiness they enclose and evoke.

Curated by Bryony Nainby