Bags, baskets and briefcases is an homage to our idolisation of luxury goods, corporate high-flying and aspirational living. The exhibition presents 6 iconic bags or carriers made from coated galvanised steel mesh. The exhibition speaks to our willingness to work robotically, the guilty pleasure of shopping and our tendency to both covet and show off our prized goods.

Ash Allen is a mechanical engineer by trade, as well as a furniture maker and designer based in Naarm/Melbourne. His design practice is rooted in sustainability where his concept-based work is engineered to have a minimal eco footprint. He has a distinctly clean, functional resolution to his design practice, and alongside his formal approach, he undertakes investigations through play. Ash graduated from a combined Bachelor Engineering (Mech) and Bachelor of Arts with Honours from the University of Melbourne in 1996. In 2011 he complited an Associate Degree in Furniture Design from RMIT.

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