The Fragile Temperament is a short film by artist Liam Costar on functional sculpture with a conceptual intent to encourage deeper thinking. The film will be released via Instagram on 25 October 2021.

Humans today - we digest large amounts of content daily. The rate of this indulgence is ever-increasing, endless loops of time fabricating ‘entertainment’. Well idealised and thought-provoking craft is being suffocated and unappreciated if it does not follow the same fast dopamine injecting algorithm.

These chairs you see, yet coated in concrete, but this does not mean they’re immune to weathering and erosion. The cracks and distresses represent our temperament growing ever fragile. The girls in the video who interact with the chairs, are a representation of ourselves and living with our conscious mind.

Liam Costar is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary artist working across both physical and audio mediums. His body of work, although genre-crossing and bending, is bound together under an amalgamating ambience, an instinctive mysticism. A method of communication, immersing the viewer in an encompassing stream of consciousness, something Liam refers to as a “mindscape”.


Craft Contemporary

A festival exploring how craft is evolving in the 21st century
1 - 31 October 2021