Artists, Gaia Maria Walicka, Nao Hirata, Jennifer Baulch and Aphra Cheesman have been working together as a collective since the beginning of 2021. The artists will first discuss their inaugural collaborative project and exhibition, Unbounded - developed out of a shared interest in exploring the relationship between the body, object and world through experimental jewellery and object practices.

Challenging the boundaries between internal and external, self and world, and familiar and unfamiliar, Unbounded explored a more interconnected understanding of our material and non-material worlds. In this panel talk, the artists will discuss the key outcomes of the project as well as their process of working collaboratively. The decision to form an artist collective came out of a need for a support network as emerging artists. It has provided a chance to share resources, ideas and to work collaboratively. In the second half of this talk, the artists will discuss their plans to start a shared studio in Melbourne in 2022.

We invite attendees to ask questions and share ideas about the ways in which a shared studio space could benefit the wider contemporary jewellery community.


Craft Contemporary

A festival exploring how craft is evolving in the 21st century
1 - 31 October 2021