counting and pinning

Titbits is a performative installation of wearable brushworks that look at our cultural preoccupation with breasts. Through simple dome-shaped forms that become body extensions studio blau. is examining the public gaze and the personal body. The Titbit brooches are at once curious, tactile objects and repulsive hairy protrusions that protect. In the absence of the wearer, the Titbit brooches have evolved into an installation that emphasises the process of counting and the small daily gestures that have become increasingly important throughout this time of isolation and extended lockdowns.

Daily we are counting...

In honing in on the details of the Titbit brooches and revealing the forms’ intimate scale the viewer becomes privy to the undulations and variations of the material, the tasks undertaken by the hand of the maker- the process of repetition and counting. Counting stills the mind and focuses our attention. Counting processes and skills emphasizes the importance of making. It reminds us to critically engage and be accountable for the objects in our environment.


Craft Contemporary

A festival exploring how craft is evolving in the 21st century
1 - 31 October 2021