The first Craft Crit round of 2024 is focused on Exhibition Development. Delivered as eight individual 30min sessions with Craft staff, the program is designed to enable artists and makers working on new exhibition projects to get professional insights from Craft's team. Whether you are pulling together an application or finalising your choice of works and exhibition collateral, this session is the opportunity to get external feedback from friends in the industry.

Times & Dates:
10am-4pm 4-8 March 2024.
Meeting times are scheduled individually with participants during the booking process, and can be done either in person or online.

Member Price: 1 free session per year, $25 for subsequent sessions
General Price (Non-Members): $50

Craft Crits is a new program offered by Craft in 2024 to enable makers to access Craft’s extensive organisational knowledge backed by more than 50 years of engaging and supporting makers, designers and artists. Delivered quarterly, and with each session thematically focused, Craft Crits offers makers with the chance to meet one-on-one with Craft’s staff to get feedback and current industry informed perspectives for different aspects of professional creative practice.

Image credit: Brigitte Owers-Buccianti

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