"As an artist and maker, my practise is concerned largely with the idea of discovery through minimal intervention. When I engage with a material, I firstly aim to form a fundamental understanding of its identity by establishing its intrinsic values – what does the material reveal about itself and when? An initial investigation of elemental actions will present a raft of meaningful observations. A fold, a cut or a bend will delicately expose a more complex identity lying dormant. It is the intention of my work to communicate these discoveries through abstract object.

In this study, a series of suspended linear expressions have been constructed using three examples of industrial plastic matter intended for a more pragmatic application. Realised and conceptualised via a formulaic making method and supported by elemental tooling and process, we can embrace the material under a newly revealed identity."

Alexander Brown is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary artist and designer with a BA(Hons) Interior Design from RMIT. His diverse creative practice includes lighting, objects, sculpture and site-specific installations that have been exhibited nationally since 2016. His work across design and artistic case studies question material identity and focus heavily on value and perception. Regularly employing commonplace materials and the repetition of elementary actions en masse to expose a more complex value.

Image credit: Henry Trumble

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