Winner of the Retail and Development award in 2017’s Fresh! exhibition and recipient of the McCraith Scholarship in Fine Art , jeweller and object maker Lauralai Wilson returns to Craft with a solo exhibition of new works which respond to heartbreak and an exploration of what comes afterwards.

"In nature, organisms adapt their morphology in the face of change. Working through jewellery I consider the adaptations we are able to make within our own skins. I stitch growth and progression into surfaces, making works that transform and protect the wearer. Skin is an expression of strength, sensuality, loss, vulnerability, surrender and awakening." – Lauralai Wilson

Lauralai Wilson Skin.jpeg
Skin, 2018, by Lauralai Wilson, image courtesy the artist

Lauralai Wilson graduated from Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT in 2016. Lauralai's practice is led by considered explorations of stone, sand, silicone and silver along with adaptations of raw minerals, and alterations of surface and form through chemical synthesis. Her work aims to dispel the lacklustre nature of routine, to provide the viewer or wearer with a temporary escapism and a connection to the otherworld present in their psyche, imagination or memory. At present Lauralai is doing a residency at the RMIT Maggie Fairweather.