From the elaborate to the minimal – this showcase at Craft presents the teapots of over fifteen contemporary craftspeople working across a diversity of discipline. 

Whether functional or sculptural, each teapot possesses its own identity. Appearing across many cultures throughout the centuries, this well-known form has seen numerous interpretations and has left an indelible mark on the history of the world. While tea itself has been consumed for centuries, the teapot as we know it today is much more modern. 

Featuring the works of makers Janet Beckhouse, Kevin Boyd,  Adriana Christianson, Nicola Coady, Andrei Davidoff, Sai-Wai Foo, Minna Graham, Wayne Guest, Tessy King, Vanessa Lucas, Yoko Ozawa, Christopher Plumridge, Ted Secombe, William Eicholtz and Pee Bear Teapot by PeeBEAR Design (Vipoo Srivilasa). 

Rainbow Pee Bear Teapot 2017 by PeeBEAR Design (Vipoo Srivilasa). Image courtesy of the artist