Inside presents a maximalist celebration of contemporary craft practice today through a series of curated tableaux. Featuring the work of over 50 emerging and established craft practitioners, this exhibition reflects the expansive creativity present in contemporary making. Bringing together Australian ceramicists, jewellers, glassmakers, weavers, stonemasons and furniture makers, Inside explores the tensions between function and aesthetics, technology and nature, culture and identity and features handmade paint surfaces by designer maker Clare Scanlan.

Featuring works by Adam Ridgeway, Anton Gerner, Aurelia Yeomans, Australian Tapestry Workshop – Designed by Rollin Schlicht, Woven by Cheryl Thornton, Alan Holland and Kathy Hope), Bahman Vahab, Beck Jobson, Cara Johnson, Cassie Leatham, Clare Scanlan, Damien Wright, Damon Moon, Daniel Poole, Donna Blackall, Drew Spangenberg / DKS Glass Design, Ebony Russell, Elise Cakebread, Ella Bendrups, Grace Brown / Oh Hey Grace, Holly Grace, Ian McKinnon, Irene Grishin Selzer / Iggy & Lou Lou, Jamie and Natasha Hallett / Hallet Stonemason, Jan Vogelpoel, Jane McKenzie, Janet Beckhouse, Jenna Lee, Jill Symes, Jonathan Ben-Tovim / B-TD, Juan Castro, Kate Jones, Kate Rohde, Katie-Ann Houghton / KAH, Kenny Yong-soo Son / Studio KYSS, Kirby Bourke / Two Lines Studio, Kirsten Perry, Kristin Burgham, Lauralai Wilson, Liam Fleming, Madisyn Zabel, Michael Gittings, Minaal Lawn, Ross Thompson, Samantha Dennis, Simone Karras, Sylvia Nevistic, Terunobu Hirata, Thomas O'Hara, Tom Hewitt, Troy Emery, Ulrica Trulsson, Vanessa Lucas with Lauren Bamford, Stephanie Somebody and Phillip Huynh.

Clare Scanlan has been working with colour and paint ever since she was little. Trained as both an artist and an artisan paint maker, Clare’s practice sits at the intersection of Architectural Design, Fine Art and Trade Painting and examines core questions about our relationship with colour in the built environment, the sustainability of our art and architectural products and practices, the provenance of colour itself, and the way we interact with and seek to personalise our private spaces.

"There’s an alchemy that occurs when the perfect colour in the perfect finish catches the perfect light. Instead of just looking good, suddenly the space feels different. It's part science, part art, and part magic; born of years of training and practice in the arts of painting and architectural colour creation." - Clare Scanlan

Founding Scanlan & Makers, Clare works to create custom wall treatments by hand, built from a belief that unique colour and true craftsmanship can have a positive impact on our experience of the built environment.