Ara Dolatian / Anke Kindle / Cassie Leatham / Juan Castro / Liv Boyle / Louise Meuwissen / Zaiba Khan

Guest curated by artist and jeweller Zaiba Khan, Invocations delves into the realm of living objects.

Seven artists and jewellers consider the belief that when we treat our materials with reverence, and make with intention, our works become imbued with a unique vitality, or spirit.

This exhibition celebrates the profound power of adornment to transcend the confines of the physical. These objects become containers — embodying familial bonds, connection to culture, to faith, and to nature. They become tangible links to the past and the future.

Invocations illuminates the inherent spiritual charge carried by our adornments and the interconnected threads that bind the maker, the collector, the recipient, and the inheritor as the spirited object traverses through time and space. Adornment, in this context, emerges as a sacred act— an expression of devotion, connection, and the passage of time, to love and loss, to all that we cannot see.


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