Through utilising common metal manufacturing methods and off the shelf stock it's easy to forget that this material is once molten, and the forms that can be achieved from a fluid state. This exhibition presents cast aluminium objects and pieces that are a blatant reminder of that. These pieces are nothing in particular nor functional, rather a literal take on how the fluidity of metal can take on its own shape and form to its surroundings. Several pieces will be restrained within the vitrine, as an example of testing new surfaces and methods, which could later be formulated into more functional pieces.  

SATURDAY YARD WORK by Nathan Martin is a Eora/Sydney based practice that aims to find a medium between sculpture, craft, and functional objects, through experimentation of material and processes. Nathan looks to the unorthodox methods of production and through this, seeks to find surprising visual and sensory results displayed through form and texture. In the creation of one-off pieces, Nathan’s experimental and process-led design approach aims to celebrate the offbeat, the ugly, and all nuances of hand produced objects.

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