Join us for a discussion charting the complexities of material provenance and responsibility in ceramics considered through industry, maker and design perspectives. 

Taking place alongside the Material Provenance exhibition by the ceramics collective Clay Matters, this talk aims to shed light on the group's work on creating transparency around the labour and processes used in the creation of commercial ceramic materials. The talk also brings the ceramics industry into the conversation, contextualising the project within the realities of commercial material production and refinement. 

Featuring Amelia Black, Clay Matters artist, and David Walker, Managing Director of Walker Ceramics, this talk will be chaired by John Wardle, Founding partner of Wardle Studio and long-time clay enthusiast. Together, the speakers will consider the broader complexities within the sustainability conversation, with a particular focus on how we can foster more transparent and ethical practices.  

This event forms part of the launch of Conscious Craft – a Craft Victoria initiative showcasing innovative creations by makers and designers who are actively considering sustainability and ethics in their production methods and use of materials.