Producing work through artistic and craft processes on a non-commercial scale usually means every work is unique and results cannot be completely predicted. With visual variances and material instabilities it is important for makers to manage client expectations and ensure the nature of the work is carefully communicated.

In this 1h online session, arts and media lawyer Yasmin Naghavi will discuss how artists and makers and can simultaneously protect themselves and ensure client/collaborator expectations are managed through their terms and conditions. Considering when, where and how to communicate things such as how many times a client can request a design be revised during a commission process; or how a work needs to be cared for to retain its appearance; this session will help think ahead and avoid disappointment/miscommunications.

Date: Tuesday 14 May 2024
Time: 6-7 pm
Where: Online - Zoom Webinar

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Yasmin Naghavi is a partner at Media Arts Lawyers practising creative industries law and employment law. Yasmin represents world-class graphic and motion design studios, agencies, tv/radio talent, influencers, format and content creators, illustrators, streaming services, visual artists, authors, managers, fashion designers, photographers, and game/app developers. Additionally, she has a substantial employment law practice at the firm representing employees, employers, and contractors within the music, creative, and entertainment industries.

Image credit: Lauren Bamford


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