Memories from the past can be confronting, intriguing, awe inspiring, and act as a great catalyst for healing. How we process and learn from them in this life can challenge and inspire us to forge something new.

Shaped by the generations and lives that came before, we often create in response to cycles of life, death and rebirth, from both the ancient and the expanse of unlimited possibility; our future visions.

Focusing on how the sun and moon have inspired ancient civilisations over eons as custodians of these cycles, this body of work is a modern representation of these primordial forces.

Ancient Echoes.jpg
Ancient Echoes...Future Visions. Image courtesy the artists. Stones kindly on loan from the Dandenong Lapidary Club

Alice Chalmers’ contemplative approach to hand crafting jewellery imbues each piece with its own unique and tangible spirit. Originally having a background in illustration and watercolour, distilled line and symbology feature heavily, creating the sense of having captured something expansive.

“I am interested in how we invest meaning in objects, how we put a feeling into something we can touch. There is something alchemical in the process of making that lives on within the item. I make for those who might find resonance with some part of that magic.”

Anica Costa’s work explores the intersection of the fantastical, the ancient and the far reaching futures. Her elegant and earthy pieces are the product of her affinity with the natural world.  Embracing past lives, the sun and moon speak to her through archaic echoes and future visions. Evoking the adornments of ancient civilisations and fantasy realms, her hand crafted creations aim to bring a sense of wonder and adventure.

Fiona Fitzgerald’s jewellery is symbolic of the exploration of once splintered facets. Seeking to restore lightness and counterbalance the often solemn nature of healing, each piece represents a point in time, acceptance, making whole and way for the new. In opposition to the sentimentality often associated with jewellery, Fiona’s work is created to respect passage and release.

"I’m interested in the elaborate, transformative and storytelling qualities of jewellery, it’s weight as an observer, companion and almost epibiont in the life of it’s wearer.”