I am drawn to the assemblage of forms - the concept that each piece is greater than the sum of its parts. 

In isolation, the shapes are vaguely familiar as domestic objects but once assembled they resemble something entirely different - marine archeological finds, scientific instruments, spiritual totems, or even flowering plants.

I create the forms intuitively - guided by the clay and my subconscious. 

I am compelled by the limitless combinations of certain shapes. Shapes that I have perfected over years of working with clay. And I persist with complex assemblages that push the form, the clay and the glaze.

Kristy Hussey is a ceramic artist and sculptor based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her work is informed by a career in marine biology, and she is drawn not only to the science of ceramic practice but to its ability as a medium to express and see the world in new ways. Her technical, hand-built pieces are each considered and unique and speak to the dichotomous nature of ceramics – at once fragile and strong. Kristy believes both the arts and the sciences to be human attempts to understand and describe the world around us.