My work references scientific instruments as tools to explore the unknown. To bridge the physical realm and the mysterious. Telescopes that traverse the world around us and the world outside. Recently we have become more aware of physical space, distance. We see the world through a lens. The notion of distance, travel, space, and how we view the world, has changed. My work is a metaphor for the conduit between the known and the unknown. Scientific instruments that reach upward, look outward. My instruments don’t work, they can’t take you anywhere or show you anything, they don’t function in that way. They can only challenge your thinking about the concept of looking outwards, our frailty and our limitations. Surveying the notion of self, and looking outside one’s self.

Central to my practice is my background in science and a life-long passion for learning. I am drawn to both the scientific nature of ceramics and the possibilities to extend what can be achieved with the medium. Both art and science are human attempts to understand and describe the world around us. As both a scientist and an artist I strive to understand and see the world in new ways and to communicate that vision. My work is hand built and technically difficult to achieve. Each piece that survives its trials is beautiful and unique. I aim for this uniqueness, the tension inherent in the dichotomous nature of ceramics – at once fragile and strong.