Chaos Theory: dforms explores the chaotic nature of pattern by simulating rock formations found within the expanded cosmos. With sci-fi tinged curiosity, the unexplored and mysterious nature of the universe is engaged.

Diving into the unknown will forever be a strange, frightening, but always thrilling emotion rooted deep within us, and it is with this in mind that the 'dforms' come to life. Kinetic bursts cause particles to disperse, collide, and gravitate towards the vessel before impact. This process is kept as organic as possible, the artist not knowing precisely where the fragments will land.

Darren Healey is an emerging ceramic artist based in Naarm/ Melbourne. Releasing work under the aptly named 'dformed' he creates disfigured sculptural vessels often displayed in motion to the soundtrack of experimental electronic music, showcasing his desire to lend an atmosphere for the pieces themselves. Made with an intentional effort to repurpose otherwise discarded materials, his work or "dforms" take inspiration from scientific principles such as motion, force and gravity, and the visual geology of the natural cosmos. The dforms encapsulate chaos and tension whilst simultaneously being suspended in time, embodying considered form juxtaposed against harsh disfigured textures created in organic movement.

1_giant leap 4_mankind, 2022

1969. "Translunar Injection"
- in other words, it's time to head for the moon.

contact, 2021

detected on august 15, 1977 from the direction
of the constellation sagittarius Ohio state university's
‘big ear’ radio telescope picked up the ‘wow!’ signal.

first encounter, 2021

inspired by the sounds of jóhann jóhannsson

helix nebula, 2022

650 light-years away, in the constellation of aquarius.
planetary nebulas provide a snapshot of a transitional
phase in the life and death of a star.

krubera cave, 2022

one of the deepest underwater caves on earth.
divers use guide line for navigation.