Exploring the intersections between cloth and glass, this collaborative exhibition is a study in materiality. By creating a narrative through raw materials that typically aren’t found together, it investigates the characteristics of a new relationship.

Seary’s background in glass combined with Watt’s knowledge of structure in cloth has blurred the line between textile and sculpture; a multi-layered cloth encases hand cut and copper wrapped coloured glass pieces within delicate hand woven pockets.

Holding Light image 1.jpeg
Daisy Watt and Samantha Seary, Holding Light, 2019. Image courtesy the artists

Daisy Watt is infatuated with structure and a need to understand how things work. Watt works as a weaver, freelance textile designer and lecturer at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in woven design. Watt commenced study in 2012 with RMIT, graduating in 2015 with a Diploma of Textile development and a Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design). Watt established Toast Workroom, the studio is now home to creatives who work alongside each other on their respective practices.

Samantha Seary is a Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist using weave and experimental techniques to create unconventional, sculptural textile and glass work. Seary holds both a Certificate IV in Textile Design, Development and Production and an Advanced Diploma of Textile Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Seary completed their studies in 2018 was selected to be showcased in Craft Victoria’s Fresh! 2019