Reverent Extrusions looks to re-contextualise the Members’ Vitrine Gallery as a display or archival cabinet, like that within a traditional museum collection, displaying cylindrical ceramic sculptural objects.

“These 'core samples', as I refer to them in my practice, have acted as metaphoric vehicles of ‘parallel narratives of ecology and the autobiographical’ and include motifs of geological excavation, absorption and states of flux.”

Reverent Extrusions is part of­­­ the 2019 Craft Cubed Window Walk, funded by the City of Melbourne.

Jess Lyons, Past, Present and the Before (detail) 2018. Stoneware, Glaze. Dimensions variable. Photography Andrew Barcham

Jess Lyons is a ceramic artist based in Melbourne. Her practice is grounded in a process-based and research-led exploration of materials; pushing clay bodies and glazes to a point of ‘brinkmanship’. Jess’s conceptual practice is concerned with influences of inherited craft skills and scientific wisdom that have been passed down through her family. Jess’s work is driven by an innate desire to articulate the ‘self’ via the ceramic process.