situation gravitas considers gravity and the force of attraction between objects. Through the repetitive act of dropping moist clay from a height of 5 metres, Bolton experiments with ‘release, velocity and impact’ to build forms that interrogate ideas surrounding geological change.

“Gravity is considered a ‘field of influence’ controlling the motion of an object. My PhD research at RMIT involves practice-based enquiry into humanity as a geological ‘field of influence’. Conceptually, by utilising the earth’s force of gravity to create this work, I interrogate ideas about geological change imposed on the earth by humanity through continued extraction and exploitation.The title ‘situation gravitas’ is a play on the word ‘gravity’ as the ‘earth force’, ‘gravity’ as in ‘the gravity of the situation’ referring to an event of extreme seriousness, and the word ‘gravitas’ referring to weight, seriousness and commitment to task.”


Pie Bolton is a contemporary installation artist working at the human/geological interface. Her practice is grounded in materiality and temporality. She uses transformation of geological processes to expand ideas about humanity as a geological force. Tertiary studies in art and science (geology) have resulted in Pie’s unique, authoritative practice. Innovative objects and installations are backed up by sound research and technical expertise to assist the development of a clearer understanding of the complex relations between the human and nonhuman. Pie has worked as a field exploration geologist, is an experienced ceramic technician and a PhD candidate at RMIT.