"Small Gatherings in an ongoing project that originated during my residency at Craft in August last year. Over several weeks, I collected, cut out and rearranged photographs sourced from the library at Craft to develop a series of works on paper: collage ‘samplers’ created with the specific intention of application to fabric.

The initial phase was guided in part by my aim to extend my creative practice into textile design. It also allowed me to explore an interest in materiality and assemblage, which continues here."

Stephanie Hicks, Small Gatherings, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist

Stephanie Hicks is a Melbourne-based artist who works with drawing, artist’s books, textiles, and, primarily, collage. Her practice is informed by traditions of printmaking, craft and decorative arts, and a love of picture books and storytelling. The collection and arrangement of photographic images is central to Stephanie’s creative practice. Disparate fragments are brought into new relationships with each other to create a visual dialogue, or poetry.