Through actions of tension and balance, Small Victories explores the relationship between contemporary women and ‘the glass ceiling.’

The hand spun thread used throughout the installation appropriates the words of contemporary women in positions of leadership. Once printed, the text is hand spun on a drop spindle to create a reformatted image thread. The thread negotiates perspex obstacles, necessarily bending to accommodate the barriers while gently testing the boundaries of a supportive exhibition space.

Kirsty Macafee, Small Victories, 2018. Image courtesy the artist

Kirsty Macafee lives and works in Melbourne. Her work is mostly sculptural and often engaged in themes of loss and abundance as she explores parallels between the way that images function in a digital networked culture and being. Kirsty’s practice is engaged in post-photographic and feminist maternal discourses. She draws on her multiple histories as crafter, mother and photographer and finds her practice at the intersection of these influences – seeking to reveal the invisible. Recently she has been selected as a finalist in the 2017 Contemporary Textile Award, the 2017 Victorian Craft Awards and was commissioned to make work for the Museum of Australian Democracy. Kirsty graduated from RMIT with first class honours in 2016.