Stacked continues an exploration into the sculptural potential of architectural forms found in the industrial landscape of the inner west of Melbourne where I live and work. Through this project I am negotiating my place within the human-made industrial system imposed on the landscape by exploring the rhythms and cycles of freight, production and transport.

Informing the work are architectural forms found in the industrial landscape such as tanks, mills, factories, warehouses, refineries and shipping containers. The architectural features follow an economy of form and materiality while the ubiquitous corrugated sheet suggests a material that conveys function, place and utilitarian ideal. Much like building blocks, when the pieces are brought together and rearranged, new relationships, juxtapositions and sculptural possibilities are revealed.

Tyler Stacked 1.jpeg
Photographer: Shannyn Higgins
Tyler Stacked 2.jpeg
Tyler Stacked 3.jpeg
Tyler Stacked 4.jpeg
Tyler Stacked 5.jpeg
Tyler Stacked 6.jpeg
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Tyler Stacked 8.jpeg

Katrina Tyler is a Melbourne based artist whose practice spans jewellery, objects and public art. Using materials and techniques from gold and silversmithing and metalworking, she creates sculptural pieces that explore real and imagined sites of intersection and co-habitation between natural and urban forms.

Tyler has been commissioned for public artworks in Darwin, China, Hong Kong and Brisbane. Her work has been selected for award exhibitions such as Contemporary Wearables 2017, the Wyndham Art Prize 2018 and the Victorian Craft Award 2019. She presented solo exhibitions in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Her works are found in both private and public collections, including the Bluestone Collection.