Time Body is a series of sculptural ceramic work exploring the notion of impermanence. Inviting reflection on the momentary nature of existence, each vessel is an expression of perishable conditions and transformation.

"Perceiving erosion and architectural ruins as metaphors for the temporary nature of us and our surroundings, I hope to create a universal visual language through recognisable forms, recontextualising their permanent household functional values, and raising mindfulness of the ephemerality we experience in our daily routine and living cycle. I hope that these works bring attention to the constant change in us and our surroundings."

Nora Thamthanakorn, Time Body 2, 2018, Earthenware Clay, 19cmWx25cmHx19cmD. Image courtesy the maker.

Nora Thamthanakorn’s practice explores the concept of impermanence. Being self-taught, she works in clay to express the perishable conditions and the transient nature of existence. Growing up in Thailand, the Buddhist belief in Impermanence is central to her practice; as one encounters transformations through a lifetime, there is a sense of uncertainty after one transition to the next. Interacting with this vulnerability, Nora aims to capture and bring into presence the relationship between the impermanence and life.