In Visible Vapor Ella Bendrups presents a new collection of ceramic vessels. Constructed using coils, her simple forms serve as a blank canvas for the unpredictable and expressive patternation achieved through the alternative technique of barrel firing. A mixture of organic materials were supplemented with chemical compounds to encourage rich warm tones to transfer to the works during the firing process alongside the typical greys and blacks from the smoke. The elemental nature of this process has an appeal that transcends time and continues to inspire fascination in modern audiences. Ella’s reinterpretation of ancient forms and firing techniques for this collection extends the current governing theme of her practice, which is to produce innate forms refined for a modern context.

Ella Bendrups is a Naarm/Melbourne based emerging ceramic artist who creates innate forms refined for a modern context. Ella’s practice explores ancient clay and stone artefacts and their ability to transcend the times and cultures in which they were created. She embraces the expressive nature of hand building, pinching, coiling and carving clay to highlight the maker’s touch.

With a background in styling supported by studies in Communication Design and Interior Design at RMIT University, Ella began ceramics classes in 2015 before progressing to a self-led explorative practice. She has participated in exhibitions in Victoria and NSW since 2018 and undertook two residencies in 2021.