Established glass artist Mark Douglass presents Morph – a series of silvered-glass sculptures exploring light, reflection and perception. Each piece is hand-blown and shaped to best work with the properties of convex and concave mirrors. Exaggerated forms are achieved using improvised moulds made from an array of on-hand objects and tools found in the studio. Once blown, the sculptures are cold-worked, and an internal silver solution is applied. Each piece is then assembled onto polished, stainless-steel bases.

Morph is an ongoing series. The first iteration was exhibited in 1994 at The George Gallery, St Kilda. The series is inspired by the morphing metal-man known as T-1000 in Terminator 2.

Mark Douglass is an established glass artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Working with glass since 1989, his practice spans large-scale commercial commissions to one-off experimental pieces. He is the founder of glass atelier Melbourne Glassworks, a fully contained glass studio in Kensington.  

Photographer: Henry Trumble

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