Nuanced Nonsense is an assembly of textiles and ceramics created by Daina Sgarioto. With colour and comedy, there is an exploration of self amidst navigating change. The finest form of comfort and solace in situations that feel heavy and hard, is through taking the piss out of it. You can’t cry about something if you’re too busy laughing at it.

Sgarioto uses punchy, satirical wit to celebrate the mundane and to laugh at the comedy often embedded in painful experiences; her work comments on the silliness of life and reminds us not to take it all too seriously. Sgarioto employs rich colour and experimental composition to express the bright and bubbly essence of her personality. The use of text conveys a kind of inner monologue or attitude, that often speaks to something larger than what it might seem on the surface.

Supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants

Photographer: Henry Trumble


Daina Sgarioto in Conversation

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