Reformer, by emerging furniture and industrial designer Bolaji Teniola, is an exhibition that displays the production potential of timber shavings, a waste material not yet widely embraced.

Inspired by the manufacturing techniques of Isamu Noguchi's Akari lamps and the papier-mâché process, Teniola transforms the by-product of hand-planed timber into several unique pieces. To construct these works, the shavings are unfurled and moulded around formers and found objects layer by layer, using an organic adhesive.

Differing in size and shape, the highly textural appearance of each piece, comprised of various species of timber shavings, hopes to evoke a visceral response and reform perceptions.

Bolaji Teniola is an interdisciplinary furniture and industrial designer practising across South Australia and Victoria. With a Bachelor of Industrial Design (2012) and Associate Degree in Furniture Design (2020), Bolaji also draws on his experience working for furniture design studios in the Netherlands and Indonesia. Currently, his practice utilises an investigative approach to traverse various mediums, exploring materials and processes in search of pragmatic solutions that place equal importance on functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Image courtesy the artist.