In this expanded 2h Advice Clinic, Craft's Creative Projects Manager Celia Dottore and artist Meagan Streader will provide experienced perspectives on the topic of large scale commissions. In the first half of the session, Celia will provide a general overview of how public art and architectural commissions tend to work and the processes involved. While in the second half of the session, Meagan will share an artist's perspective on the matter, including key considerations and important learning from her various experiences working in the field.

Date: Tuesday 24 September 2024
Time: 6-8 pm
Where: Online - Zoom Webinar

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Celia Dottore has worked in the field of curatorial research, exhibitions and project management over the past two decades. She has held such roles as Project Manager, Artistic Programs for Tarnanthi: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia; Program Curator for Flinders University Museum of Art; and Exhibition Coordinator for the 13th Jewellers and Metalsmith Group of Australia Conference. During this time Celia has worked extensively with First Nations artists and art centres across Australia and on numerous and diverse exhibition projects, including commissioning new works. In her role as Creative Projects Manager for Craft, she is responsible for development and delivery of new artwork commissions from site-specific installations through to large-scale public works. Celia holds a Masters in Art History and a Bachelor of Visual Art and Applied Design.

Meagan Streader’s work pushes the limits of light within sculpture and installation. Streader manipulates, reinterprets and extends upon the boundaries of constructed spaces. Through site-specific interventions, her multidimensional use of light re-orientates the viewer’s relationship to the pre-existing architecture and scale of a given space. In this way, Streader’s work reveals the pervasive role of light in governing physical and social navigations of fabricated spaces.

Image courtesy Meagan Streader.

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